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We've tried to keep our policies as simple as possible for you: 


Sitting your exam

If you scroll down on your learner portal, you'll find a section entitled "Exams". That section contains a link to our exam policies and a button to start the exam. Please do not click this button until you're ready - as we said above, once you start the exam, you cannot stop the timer. 

SBS Academy ONLY - Extenuating Circumstances and Resits

We understand that some students may suffer from illness or misfortunate which means that they may struggle to sit the exams during the designated exam period. If this is you, you can apply for extenuating circumstances using the form below. We’ll do our very best to accommodate you, usually by allowing you to sit the exam as a 'first-sit' during the resit period.

Extenuating Circumstances Policy

We’ve tried to keep this as jargon-free as possible – if you have any queries about this, please contact us at

  1. We understand that you may suffer from misfortune, illness or other circumstances which affects your ability to sit the SBS Academy examinations during the exam periods that we’ve outlined on your course page.
  2. Ideally, you should submit the extenuating circumstances form before the beginning of the examination period that you’re struggling with. Unfortunately, we can’t deal with requests made after this unless there is an exceptionally good reason as to why.
  3. We hate any lack of transparency, so we will try to make it as clear as possible to both staff and students as to how requests for extenuating circumstances are handled. We will handle your request formally, sensitively and impartially, and we will be flexible in our approach to handling your request as we understand that there is a huge diversity within our student body.
  4. This policy only applies to students who have enrolled as a part of the standard SBS Academy intake procedure, or who have received the SBS Academy Student Scholarship, or who were previous students who have been granted access to the most recent intake due to exceptional circumstances.
  5. We understand that the information you disclose to us may well be sensitive and personal, and we will only share your information with the relevant SBS Staff who are dealing with your request. Rest assured that any and all information submitted as a part of an extenuating circumstances request will remain completely confidential and will not be shared with anyone outside of the SBS Academy Staff.
  6. Unfortunately, we can’t submit your extenuating circumstances form for you – if you want to apply for extenuating circumstances, you have to submit this yourself.
  7. It’s your responsibility as a student to ensure that you understand the Extenuating Circumstances Policy, Grounds for Extenuating Circumstances and the Extenuating Circumstances Acceptance Procedure. Shredded By Science LTD and SBS Academy staff accept no responsibility for students who fail to understand and/or apply the details of the aforementioned documents and don’t submit a request properly as a result of this!
  8. You will be notified via email when a) your request has been received and b) when a decision has been made regarding the status of your request.
  9. Where reasonably possible, we’ll do our very best to accommodate you – usually by allowing you to sit the exam as a 'first-sit' during the resit period. Any flexibility or changes to the time period for assessment are at the sole discretion of the Shredded By Science LTD Staff members handling the request: unfortunately, you have no automatic right to have adjustments made to your examination periods.

Grounds for Extenuating Circumstances

There are specific circumstances which will usually see us readily make a change to your exam periods. Unfortunately, we have to use some long words in this next section – sorry about that. Again, if you have any questions about whether your circumstances are reasonable grounds for extenuating circumstances please contact us at

  1. Grounds for extenuating circumstances are unforeseeable or unpreventable circumstances that could have or did have a significant adverse effect on the ability of a student to sit the examinations during the pre-defined examination periods. These include:
    1. significant illness or injury;
    2. the death or critical/significant illness of a close family member/dependant;
    3. significant family crises or major financial problems leading to acute stress;
    4. absence for public service e.g., jury service.
  2. Circumstances that will not normally be regarded as grounds for mitigation include:
    1. holidays or other events that were planned after the start of the SBS Academy or could reasonably have been expected;
    2. other external assessments that are scheduled close to the SBS Academy examination period;
    3. misreading the examination period schedule or misunderstanding the requirements for assessments;
    4. inadequate planning and time management;
    5. failure, loss or theft of a computer that prevents the submission of work on time;
    6. consequences of paid employment;
    7. exam stress not diagnosed as illness or supported by medical evidence
  3. Events may arise during pregnancy that may constitute mitigating circumstances, and these need to be judged on an individual basis.

Extenuating Circumstances Acceptance Procedure

This is the process that we go through to evaluate your request for extenuating circumstances:

  1. Requests for extenuating circumstances should be submitted as soon as possible; prompt submission makes it easier for us to help you!
  2. Requests for extenuating circumstances should be submitted before the beginning of the examination period for which the request is being submitted. If you can’t do this, please do try to submit it within 1 day of the end of the examination period – if you don’t, we won’t be able to process your request.
  3. You should submit your request along with appropriate, independent third-party supporting documentation – like a doctor’s note. It’s not that we don’t trust you, but we do need to verify what’s going on where possible. We’re fully aware of the confidentiality of any extenuating circumstances request and the supporting documentation contained within your request.
  4. We’ll look through your request and any supporting material to determine whether there are reasonable grounds for extenuating circumstances.
  5. If there are reasonable grounds for extenuating circumstances, we will make you aware of any proposed extension or amendment to the examination period by email. You can then choose to accept what we propose or not.
  6. If the request is not granted, then the student can either make every effort to sit the exam during the pre-set period or will be entered for a Resit for the particular examination and will then be subject to the terms of the resit examinations as outlined below.

Resit Exams - Policies and Procedures

For whatever reason, you may not pass the exams first time. We do give you the option to resit the exams – this is how the resits work:

  1. If you don’t achieve the minimum grade to pass an individual exam (80%), you will automatically be entered to resit that exam.
  2. Resits can be taken at any time within a 2 week resit period, which commences 1 week after the conclusion of unit 4.6. Specific dates for each intake can be found in the section above where we go over the exam periods for each module.
  3. We cap the scores of all resit exams at 80%; thus, you can only ever achieve a “Pass” for an exam if you have to resit it. The only exception to this is students who have been granted extenuating circumstances and permitted to sit the exam for the first time during the resit period; this is called a “First-Sit”.
  4. If you’re a “First-Sitter” (i.e. a student sitting your exam for the first time during the resit period) and do not pass, you will be granted one extra attempt which must be sat during the resit period and is capped at 80% like any other resit exam.
  5. All exams, resits and First-Sits must be completed and a minimum score of 80% achieved by the end of the resit period in order for you to be eligible for certification.
  6. If, by the end of all exams and/or resits, you do not meet the minimum requirement of 80% over the course, you will not be issued with a certificate of achievement but will retain all access to course material for use in your future career.

Extenuating Circumstances Form

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SBS Academy ONLY - Grade Boundaries and Certification

Students who have completed all of the course material and achieved at least 80% of the marks available over the 3 exams will be awarded a final grade according to the grade boundaries and certification process detailed in the sections below - click each section to see it in full!


Module 1 Mock Exam

Click here to download the module 1 mock exam

Click here to download the mark scheme

Please note that there are no mock exams for modules 2 and 3.

Grade Boundaries

Students who have completed all of the course material and achieved at least 80% of the marks available over the 3 exams will be awarded a final grade according to the grade boundaries below:

Grade Boundaries
Pass: 80-85%
Merit: 86-90%
Distinction: 91%+

Note – these grade boundaries also apply to the individual exams.


Students will be issued with a virtual certificate as soon as they have completed modules 1, 2 and 3 and achieved an overall score of at least 80%. Students will receive a physical copy of their certificate via post – these will be sent out at the end of the resit period at the end of module 4.



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